Q: What is the difference between a balconette and a window box?

A: A window box is commonly a wooden box, sometimes rotting, mounted on some brackets which directly holds

    dirt for flowers to planted in. For most of the year, window boxes sit under windows looking forlorn without the 

    flowers of June, July, and August.

    Balconettes enhance the appearance of your home all year, with or without plants in them.

Q: My windows are odd sizes and I don’t see the measurements I need in your catalog, can you make 

     them the size of my window?

A: Yes, as long as the measurement is divisible by six inches. Otherwise, we will not be able to program any 

     balconette without considerable difficulty.

Q: Is it ok if the balconette is a few inches too big or too small?

A: Ultimately this is up to you. It’s fine to have the balconette a few inches too big or small as long as you know 

     you can center it and you have something to drill into to securely mount it.


Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing to business owners?

A: Sorry, we do not offer wholesale pricing on any Capital Cresting products. The price that is listed on the website

     is the price for everyone.

Q: How can I see what crestings will look like on my home without buying them?

A: Two ways:

     1) On the main website page click on the link that says "Click here to see some photos". These are actual homes 

          with crestings installed.

     2) Call or e-mail for our clear acetate "style selector sheet." This is a clear sheet of plastic with all of the styles on 

          it.  You can look through the style selector sheet from the ground to see how good each style will look on your 


Q: How does a roof cresting mount to the roof?

A: Our cresting attaches to the roof with standard angle brackets, which we bend to the pitch of your roof for you.

     Our standard brackets come customized to your roof slope with an order at no extra charge.

     CLICK HERE to Download a PDF drawing of a Standard Mounting Bracket

Q: Can you describe what steps I have to take when installing the cresting to my roof?

NOTE: Please be aware that we at Architectural Iron Company recommend that a licensed, insured, professional 
 roofer install any crestings or finials.

A: Yes, here are step by step instructions.

  1) First remove all cresting pieces from the packaging.

  2) Lay all the crestings out in a straight line.

  3) Make cuts to trim the last piece to length if necessary.  You can use a hacksaw or pretty much anything that will 

      cut through metal.

  4) After cuts are made, you'll need to attach the angle brackets to the cresting which are supplied.  You'll use the 

      1/4x20x1 bolts (supplied) and the 1/4x20 nuts (supplied) to securely fasten the brackets to the cresting.  Then 

      attach the brackets to every other foot of the cresting. With the remaining brackets you will flip the cresting over 

      and attach them to the feet on the other side.

  5) Your roofer will then bring the cresting up onto the roof and mount them. Contact a local professional roofer to 

       be sure you have the right lag bolts or screws to securely mount the cresting to the roof.

Q: How will I install the cresting if I have a ridge vent present on my roof?

A: We have ridge vent brackets, which are made to fit directly over your ridge vent so it is not sitting on top 

     of the ridge vent. These brackets cost $9.00 each and that includes priming and painting black.

     CLICK HERE to Download a PDF drawing of a Ridge Vent Bracket 

Q: Do I need to ground the cresting once it's installed?

A: All crestings, finials, and snowguards must be grounded according to all applicable codes. It is the purchaser's 

     responsibility to ground all crestings, finials and snowguards properly as well as to inform the property owners to 

     inspect and maintain all grounding mechanisms periodically. Crestings, finials and snowguards are not designed 

     nor intended to be used as lightning rods.

     Incidentally in 30 years of making cresting, we have never heard of any damage to a building in which crestings or 

     finials have played a part.

Q: How do I go about grounding the cresting once installed?

A: We at Architectural Iron Company are not in a position to give out grounding information for your area.  What we 

     can suggest is that you contact a local licensed electrician for the grounding codes in your area. He/she should be 

     able to tell you exactly what you need to ground the cresting safely and if it is required or recommended in your 


Q: Can a roof cresting be made to fit the exact length of my roof?

A: Yes. Our crestings come in approximately four foot sections and may need to be cut to fit your particular situation. 

     However, we also offer a "Custom Set-up Option." What this entails is our taking a drawing from you - the 

     homeowner - showing the measurements of where you will want to place the cresting. We then cut the cresting as 

     close to the measurements as possible without taking away from the design.  For all custom work there are 

     additional charges.  Please ask a customer service representative for a quote.

Q: How do the crestings attach to each other?

A: There are metal tabs welded on the ends of each cresting which simply interlock into the next section of cresting.

     CLICK HERE to Download a PDF drawing of the details of the Cresting's Tab Mounting system

Q: Is painting of the cresting included in the price?

A: No. Priming and painting charges are not included in the price of the cresting or finials.  We charge $25.00 each 

     cresting and finial section to prime and $35.00 each section to paint with our standard black enamel. If less than 10 pieces

     are being ordered and primed or primed and painted, a setup charge may apply.

Q: Can Capital Crestings provide colors other than black?

A: Yes, we will paint crestings a custom color at the customer's request as long as the customer can provide us with 

     a Benjamin Moore paint color number. All custom painting entails additional charges.

Q: How long do crestings and finials last?

A: A lifetime. There's no reason why they shouldn't, barring accidental or deliberate damage.

Q: Is there any kind of warranty?

A: We offer a lifetime warranty against breakage.  We also offer replacement on merchandise which is defective in 

     materials or workmanship. However, we do not offer exchanges or refunds on any order since each order is 

     fabricated to your needs and samples are available to show both style and quality of workmanship.

Q: I think I like two different styles. How do I choose?

A: That's simple. The best solution is to order the styles you like the best in sample form first.  Samples are not full 

     length panels, but are actual steel crestings about one foot long which are the height of a full panel. All Capital 

     Cresting designs are available as a sample.  The cost is $25.00 per sample, which is refundable if you place an

     order within 60 days of your receipt of the sample. Shipping charges are additional.

Q: How do I attach a finial to a cresting?

A: The finial tubing will come pre-drilled for use on an end condition or as a corner accent. You will need to line up 

     the finial where you want it to attach, drill the cresting to match the holes in the finial tube and bolt it together.  

     We supply appropriate hardware.

    CLICK HERE to Download a PDF drawing of a Cresting/Finial Attachment Details

Q: How do crestings hold up in high wind situations?

A: In high wind situations, you shouldn't have any problems. When the cresting is installed, it is bolted down to both 

     slopes of the roof which makes it quite sturdy. We have never had a single report of any of our crestings coming 

     loose or down due to weather conditions.

Q: I love the unique style of your finial designs, how can I use them if I don't purchase the cresting?

A: The finial can stand alone on most peaks or gables. We do have a stand alone finial bracket for these applications.  

     The brackets are priced at $78.00 each.

Q: Where can I put snowguards?

A: Snowguards can go at the lower end of the roof slope where the gutters are, which not only looks nice but it 

     actually serves a purpose of restraining ice and snow that may fall off the roof - possibly injuring someone below.

Q: How long after I place my order will it ship?

A: Our lead time is usually about 2-3 weeks, depending on other orders ahead of yours.

Q: Can I rush my order, my roofer is coming next week!?

A: Yes, we can expedite an order. We normally charge 10% of the total order [A minimum rush charge of $100 applies].
This will not guarantee a ship date but it will put you ahead of all other orders which are not rush orders. Q: How much does it cost to ship an order? A: Our charge for shipping & handling varies and is affected by a number of factors including, the number of items ordered, the location the shipment is going to, if the order is bare steel, primed or primed and painted. Q: Can I save shipping charges by picking up my order at your factory? A: Yes, however we must collect Pennsylvania sales tax (6%) on the total order if you pick it up from our plant. Q: What material are your crestings made out of? A: Our crestings are made from plate steel. We use a computerized plasma cutter to cut out the cresting design. Q: Do you only offer crestings in steel? A: Yes, we only offer crestings in steel. Q: What thickness of steel cresting should I order? A: This is entirely the customer's preference. The majority of our customers choose 3/16", and some go with the thicker 1/4" cresting for a more defined look and a better shadow effect. Q: How often is repainting necessary? A: We've been making crestings for almost 25 years and have never heard any complaints on the life span of our paint. Q: What else can I use crestings for? A: We leave that to your imagination. Some suggestions would be mounting the cresting to a masonry wall to accent the front of your yard. You can use them as fencing for your flower beds. We've had customers inquire about using them as window guards. You could run them up the sides of your walkway. Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing to business owners? A: Sorry, we do not offer wholesale pricing on any Capital Cresting products. The price that is listed on the website is the price for everyone.
Window Weights
Q: Is there a formula for figuring out the amount of weight you will need for a given window?

A: Yes, take the total weight of the operable sash (the section that moves up and down) and that’s how much

     weight you’ll need for that sash. Divide the weight of the operable sash by two and that will be how much

     weight you’ll need on each side for that sash.

          Here is an example: Total weight of sash = 20 lbs.

          Total weight needed = 20 lbs.

          Total amount of weight needed on each side = 10 lbs.

Q: I need to replace the rope between the sash and the window weight, is there a special kind

     of rope I need to use?

A: Almost any rope will be fine. You can use clothes line rope. If your concerned about the rope stretching you

     can use a more durable cotton based rope. Stretching should not be a a problem.

Q: I am a General Contractor and was wondering if you offered wholesale pricing?

A: We do offer wholesale pricing to busineses. All we will need to honor the wholesale pricing is a copy of your

    "Resale Certificate" and your state sales tax license.

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