Choosing a Restoration Ironworks
Obviously, as you can see from the mentioned concerns, there are many things that enter into the price of the project you are considering. There are rare skills. extensive use of hand tools and custom-made items, as well as enormous amount of overhead in a professional restoration ironworks. Facilities, vehicles, equipment (much of it used only occasionally) and insurance are the major ones, but there are many more. Machine tools and epoxy paints are, to our thinking outrageously expensive. All in all, if a price sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
One of six sets of wrought and cast iron door guards executed for the New York residence of the late Perry Ellis. These bifolding guards align all horizontal and vertical members with the mullions in the doors. The matching balcony features a "floating" bronze handrail.

A portion of the restored cast and wrought iron fence at the International Headquarters of the Limted Stores, New York City. Vertical bars are one inch square stock topped by two distinctive and unique castings.

Using this material as a tool to evaluate different restoration ironworks, or firms claiming to be, sooner or later you will have to choose from Firm A or Firm B. If the answer is not clear to you after evaluating all of the previous information, we would be very suprised.

If you find that Firm B says "I'll do everything that's in Firm A's proposal for $______", have him put every bit of that into his proposal.

The greatest caveat here is that he still may not do it.

Detail of the cast iron fence at Grace Church, New York City. The cast iron fence panels measure 20" wide x 52 3/4" high and weigh 93 pounds. Our Pattern was made as a result of an automobile accident which demolished approximately twenty-one feet of the fence at this National Historic Landmark.

If you bear all of the previous material in mind, you probably will select an excellent contractor.
However, when you are considering a restoration or reproduction that you wish to last from 75-125 years, you have to choose the right firm the first time.

We have many clients for whom we do regular repeat business. Some of these people and orginizations formerly used firms who claimed to be what they are not.

If you are contemplating a once in a lifetime project, the last thing you want is to spend significant sums of money unwisely and not get what you wanted - and had a right to get - necessitating the need for the work to be repeated, or worse, stand as a constant monument to an unwise decision.


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