there has been tremendous interest in the preservation of historic architecture thoughout the United States.

    And a resurgence of interest in early iron's preservation, it's restoration, and it's an American art form worth sharing with future generations.

    This appreciation generates early ironwork restorations. And stimulates new works that incorporate the quality in design and workmanship...typicalof the craftsmanship of the past.

    It is to this audience that we at Architectual Iron Company direct our services.

    Wrought Iron and Cast Iron:
    There is a common misconception that the term "cast" iron refers to all early iron work; or that early iron work was always "wrought" ...or a combination of both.

    The distinction between cast and wrought iron is not a matter of old or new, but a difference in metal and chemical composition, and technique in working the metal into a finished piece.

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    This restoration by Architectural Iron Company captures the classic beauty of the original detail and design, and features the authentic methods of original attachment representative of superior restoration iron work.
    Cast and wrought iron are combined in this fence made for the Jefferson Market Library in New York City. It is an authentic reproduction of 19th century ironwork made specially for this "National Historic Landmark" by Architectural Iron Company.


Last updated: 2/23/09