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Sending drawings and photographs (including Autocad)–

When time permits, send drawings and photographs by mail, UPS, Federal Express, or the like.

Our mail address is:
Architectural Iron Company
P.O. Box 126
Milford, PA 18337-0126

Our Physical Address is:
Architectural Iron Company
104 Ironwood Court
Milford, PA 18337

If you need to fax us drawings for an inquiry, or fax number is (570) 296-IRON/ 4766. We will, upon receipt of your transmittal, assign an inquiry code and we may fax you an inquiry sheet, which must be completed and returned to us so we can get your inquiry underway.

NOTE: Most fax machines have two or more transmittal speeds. Slower transmit speeds yield much better results. If you regularly transmit drawings or photographs, consider using the slower settings for drawings. You’ll help us out a great deal and enable us to give you a more accurate quote.

Drawings may be emailed to sales@architecturaliron.com.

The best file formats are .jpg, .gif, or .dwg (Autocad).

For more information:
Architectural Iron Company
104 Ironwood Court
Milford, PA 18337-0126

Web Home Page: http://www.architecturaliron.com

Toll Free: 800-442-IRON/4766
Fax: 570-296-IRON/4766

E-mail: sales@architecturaliron.com