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Are patterns necessary? Patterns are not needed in many instances, particularly where only a few castings are required and you are able to supply us with an existing complete original. In these cases we can frequently use your existing as a master for new pieces.

Patterns are required where originals are not available or where it is more cost effective to create a pattern to make your casting (usually because of greater quantities that you may require). Whenever an original casting is made available to us, the cost of the pattern (if required) is less than if an original is not made available. You may save the cost of the shop drawings, and an existing original, regardless of condition, answers many questions of dimension which even a good shop drawing may not.

Can we use your existing patterns? The answer is a qualified maybe. The vast majority of patterns are not readily interchangeable from one foundry to another. This subject gets complex quickly, but the machinery and equipment a foundry uses is suited to the type of castings, some foundries make small castings, most make at least a range of sizes (and weights).

While we can almost certainly use an existing pattern to make a pattern to fit our equipment, it may require modifying the mounting board that your pattern is attached to.

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