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Sending Samples for Quotations

As we have noted before, the best way to obtain an accurate quote is to send us an actual sample.

Samples should be sent via United Parcel Service whenever possible (pieces up to 150 pounds). Cardboard boxes with lots of packing material seem to work best. Use shipping tape. Larger castings requiring freight shipment should be crated or firmly secured to a pallet. We recommend using Roadway as your shipper. Insure all shipments, and packages.

DO NOT SEND SAMPLES without talking to us first. ALWAYS mark samples with your name and phone number by using a paint marker, tags, or the like. Insure castings as you think best. We are not responsible for lost or broken castings.

Send samples to:

Architectural Iron Company
104 Ironwood Court
Milford, PA 18337-0126

DO NOT spend time trying to clean, paint, rust, etc. off of the casting you are sending. We can clean the casting without damage in minutes. If, for some reason, the casting shouldn’t be cleaned, please attach a tag reading “DO NOT CLEAN”.

We pay return UPS charges if you don’t accept our quotation. Return freight shipments are F.O.B. Milford.

For more information:
Architectural Iron Company
104 Ironwood Court
Milford, PA 18337-0126

Web Home Page: http://www.architecturaliron.com

Toll Free: 800-442-IRON/4766
Fax: 570-296-IRON/4766

E-mail: sales@architecturaliron.com