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Architectural Iron Company vs. other foundries

Custom architectural castings are a very large percentage of our business. We make them every day. We are used to working with architects, contractors, metal workers, and owners. We provide top quality products at reasonable prices, which very few foundries consider making.

Even fewer foundries make good quality architectural castings. We have been told time and time again tales of woe concerning problems of quality, delivery, and price changes as well as hidden charges that you are told are “normal foundry practices, “standard surcharges”, “set up charges”, and the like.

Virtually all foundries quote "rough castings" with "standard" finish (This usually translates to read "Lots of time consuming, expensive clean-up for you").

When we quote a price, it is for quality castings, ready to use.

Try us for your current or next casting needs. Thanks.

--Jon Roberts, Estimator
Architectural Iron Company

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