Fan Mail : A few of the letters we have received.

April 6, 2007


Here is a picture. They are all hung, they all fit great and the owner loves the way they look. Thank you for all your help!!!

Brent Keyser, Project Engineer
Renaissance Providence Hotel

April 18, 2007

Greg Johnson in Atlanta, GA ordered custom cut grilles from us for his period home.
His reaction to the product? "got them yesterday, they are awesome!"

When we asked for pictures of the grilles installed his reply was,
"Not a problem. I will get some digital pictures this weekend off to you guys. Thanks again!"

Greg, Thanks for the pictures and your kind words!


November 7, 2005

The following is written by New York Times best selling author Cheryl Richardson and is reprinted from her online newsletter :

In a day and age when quality customer care seems to be a novelty, I'm happy to report that there are good people in the world. A month ago I had an experience with a company who provided a product for our new home and I wanted to share it with you as an example of good business at work.

A few months ago Michael and I placed an order for cresting — decorative ironwork that will run along the roof line of our new home. After working with the company on the proper design, we waited for the order to arrive two months later. When it did, we opened the boxes only to discover that the design was slightly different than we had originally ordered — not a small mistake considering the fact that the company produced more than 50 custom panels. While the missing element wasn't the end of the world, it did change the intended look. I reluctantly picked up the phone to speak with the general manager about the mistake.

Building a home is a stressful process that provides plenty of opportunity to practice dealing with conflict. There are numerous subcontractors providing services and there are always the inevitable mistakes that need to be ironed out and corrected. So, as I prepared to contact the company about the design error, I braced myself, expecting to be met with some resistance. What I got was an unexpected surprise.

I contacted Jon, the general manager of Architectural Iron, and explained the problem. He listened without any interruptions and then calmly asked for some time to check into what happened. During our next conversation, he immediately took full responsibility for the mistake and admitted that one of their talented and experienced employees had simply missed one small programming instruction. He apologized and said: "I'm very sorry this happened and I want you to know that we're prepared to do whatever it takes to be sure you're satisfied with your purchase. We'd be happy to send a truck from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts to pick up all of the cresting so we can get it back to the shop and redo the whole order. Then, we'll ship it back to you ASAP."

Jon's offer was no small feat. It meant stripping paint from all the panels, removing all the attachment brackets, retooling the metalwork, and then painting everything all over again. Not to mention the fact that it would interrupt the manufacturing of existing orders. Upon hearing Jon's response, my reaction went from defensiveness to collaboration and I found myself wanting to help find a resolution that would correct the problem with the least amount of effort and cost. And eventually we did just that. Michael and I would use the cresting as is (they did a wonderful job even with the missing element) and accept a gift of door hinges for our front door.

My interaction with Jon offered great reminders about how to effectively handle mistakes:
When faced with a mistake, rather than get defensive or reactive, calmly ask for time to assess the situation.

If the mistake is legitimate, own it, and apologize.

When others are involved, separate the mistake from the person.

Be willing to do what it takes to make the customer happy (just make sure that you only promise what you can deliver).

Rather than expect disappointment, enter into conflict with an open heart and an open mind.
Most of the time, mistakes are simply made by human beings with good intentions. Rarely do we set out to screw things up :). If you've made a mistake, ask yourself: How can I use this challenge as an opportunity? For example, if you offended someone, own it, apologize and see if you can use the situation to open a dialogue that makes the relationship stronger. If you've made a mistake at work, let your boss know that you take full responsibility for it and that you're willing to do whatever it takes to correct the problem. Then, get to it and shine.

Since we're so used to hearing about poor customer service and those companies who fail to deliver on their promises, I'm happy to support people like Jon who are committed to doing business with integrity and care. So, if you're in the market for beautiful ironwork, you'll find it here: http://www.architecturaliron.com/. Not only did I get great customer care, I got a wonderful reminder on how attractive it is to be an upstanding person. . . Thanks Jon!

Cheryl Richardson


September 11, 2003

Dear Mr. Roberts:

Just a short note to say thank you on your company's beautiful work on the Aldrich Change Bridge upper castings. We lifted the bridge onto the abutments on Monday without a hitch!

Thank you again for working with us on this most notable bridge restoration project.

Jay Harding
Project Coordinator


March 3, 1995

Dear Mr. Quick:

Metro-North Railroad would like to take this opportunity to thank the complete staff of Architectural Iron Co., and especially you, for undertaking and completing the restoration of the Grand Central Terminal Eagle in a most professional and first-rate manner; and again, it has been a pleasure working with your firm in this most special project. Thank you.


Anthony J. Bombace, Jr., Assistant Director


March 3, 1995

Dear Mr. Quick:

On behalf of Brendan Gill and the members of the Lucy G. Moses Preservation Awards Committee, I am delighted to enclose an award certificate in recognition of your role in the restoration of The Winterdale Arch in Central Park. It is a pleasure to acknowledge your efforts to preserve the beauty and utility of this great New York landmark.

Congratulations on a job well done.


Peg Breen, President


June 20, 1986

RE: Restoration for Craven County Courthouse, New Bern, NC

Dear Mr. Quick:

I am pleased to write you concerning our complete satisfaction with the work that Architectural Iron Company did for us on the above referenced project.

As you know, your work involved fabricating your materials to our details, which were determined from original building details, “shadows” on the old structure, etc. Your work included a complete balcony duplication, window heads and sills, ventilation panels, and railings. All these items included field verifications. In addition, your personal cooperation to help us coordinate all the work from quite a distance away was very much appreciated. I would also add that Mr. Peter Sandbeck, Restoration Specialist for Archives and History, who represented the State of North Carolina in this work, was also very pleased with your work.

I am pleased to recommend Architectural Iron Company to anyone contemplating detailed metal work.

Very truly yours,

John N. Peterson, AIA


July 1, 1997

Dear Don,

On behalf of the Building Conservation Branch of the National Park Service I would like to express our gratitude to Architectural Iron for their exemplary work. The two new ornamental flag cases, which were detailed, fabricated and erected b Architectural Iron, are the crowning achievement in our restoration efforts at the General Grant National Memorial in New York City.

This project grew out of a romantic vision to replicate two historic flag cases which had been destroyed in the 1960s. Drawings for the new cases were drafted based upon photographs of the originals. Architectural Iron was given the great task of translating the overall design concept into actual working drawings and, ultimately, into the two beautiful cases which are now permanently installed in Grant’s Tomb.

The flag case project has been a very rewarding endeavor; Architectural Iron must be commended for their commitment to quality and professionalism.


David Anthone
Manhattan Sites


April 13, 1993
Dear Don,

Enclosed are photos of the driveway gate you made for us.

We are extremely pleased with the design and workmanship. No other gate we’ve seen around Sacramento even compares.

Again and again, we praise your craftsmanship.

Howard Evanson


January 24, 1993

Dear Mr. Quick:

I’m enclosing some pictures taken of the Forest Park Cemetery entrance gates you so ably restored.

Many residents have complimented the Town on replacing the fence and gates the way they originally appeared. And for that, most of the credit goes to Architectural Iron. Thanks again.

Burton F. Miller, Councilman


June 8, 1985


You did a fine job on 66 Perry Street, NYC and you should all be proud of the outcome.

Looking forward to working with you in the future.


Willard Scolnik


May 10, 1988

Dear Mr. Quick:

Nearly a year has elapsed since you returned our ornamental iron fence in all its pristine elegance and we continue to be delighted with it.

We will present the fence to our members at the Annual Meeting, with representatives of historical groups from nearby towns and counties. If you should happen to be in Western New York at that time, we would be pleased to have you join us in the celebration. It would give us the opportunity to tell you in person how please we are with our fence.

Sincerely yours,

Marjorie Ewell, Secretary


June 7, 1985

To Whom It May Concern:

Enclosed please find final payment for work done at 30 West 10th Street, N.Y.C. I wanted you to know how pleased I am with the work you did on the above address. I thank you. In fact you can use my name for references.

Again thank you.

Reba Strauss

May 26, 1993

Dear Mr. Quick:

Let me first say how delighted all the tenants are with the fabrication and installation of the reproduction fencing on the 90th Street side of the Cornwall. Perhaps the most insightful reaction was from a tenant who commented that the new fence restores much of the the building’s dignity.

Again, we are very pleased indeed with the work of Architectural Iron in restoring our rather unique 1909 building.


Hervey Andre Connell
Board of Directors

June 20, 1986

Dear Mr. Quick,

This is to acknowledge your recent work for two of our continuing clients, The First Presbyterian Church in the City of New York and The Church of the Ascension, Episcopal. Your work in the restoration and replacement of cast iron work was entirely satisfactory to us and to our clients.

Should any of your prospective customers wish to contact us, we would be most happy to elaborate on this recommendation.

Very truly yours,

Edgar Tafel, F.A.I.A.


September 22, 2003


Hi! I received my cresting and conducted a quick test fit - it looks great! It was a pleasure working with all of you - I can't remember a better experience having something fabricated for the house - you guys "get it" and do a great job.


John Davis


November 3, 2003

Hi! We're so pleased with the cresting! Just installed it last weekend.

Best Regards,

John Davis


Dear Mr. Quick -

We are pleased with your product. Thank you again for helpful and knowledgeable service.

Mary M. Lam.
La Conner, WA


To whom it may concern:

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the finials we purchased. They were actually better than I expected.


Bob & Dot Cole
Bangor, PA


March 16, 2004

Thanks very much! I think the additional angle brackets will solve the problem. We really appreciate your excellent customer service.

Jesse Gaylord


March 30, 2004

RE: Phase I : Re-Roofing of the
Dermarest Railroad Station
Demarest, New Jersey


We wanted to express how happy we are with your products and service. We just wanted to take the time to say thank you.

We hope we can do business again in the future.

Very truly yours,

American Landmark Restoration Corp.
Glenn Crooker, Jr. President


Faulconer has received a lot of compliments on the Court Square project. Your firm contributed significantly to the success of the project and we thank you for your assistance and the high quality of the renovated product. You will recall the long gestation period regarding the decision to finally include the fountain in the project and that decision has certainly proved to have been correct.

Best wishes,


Vincent H. Derr, P.E.
Executive Vice President
Faulconer Construction Company
2496 Old Ivy Road
Charlottesville, Va. 22903

Thanks again for a job well done, we enjoyed working with your company and are pleased with the work you performed on the Fountain.


David H. Galloway
Faulconer Construction Co., Inc.
2496 Old Ivy Road
Charlottesville, VA 22906-7706
Office 434-295-0033

I saw your guys this morning - everything looks as expected, that is to say 'very nice'. I'm sure my tenants will be pleased.

I will say that your company has also been a pleasure to deal with, but if I could change one thing it would be to know in advance when you are planning to come. As it turns out, timing hasn't been a problem, but I would prefer to know so that in case there were conflicts I could change one trade or another to accomodate. Otherwise a very professional and quality job. Thanks for the good work.

Steve Merkle