America's Premier Window Box Holder
Capital Balconette™ window box holders are one-piece, fully assembled, primed and painted. They consist of three sides and floor (with built-in mounting brackets) for enclosing flower boxes or dressing up a plain wall or garden wall. All designs are based on our popular Capital Crestings™ crestings and finials, which are reduced in size for this application. Please see each design for actual heights.

118BSA 133BSA 151BSA
Regency Balconette Empire Balconette Balmoral Balconette
Style No. 118BSA Style No. 133BSA Style No. 151BSA
Matching Cresting No.118NC Matching Cresting No.133NC Matching Cresting No.151NC
156BSA 186BSA 280BSA
Bolero Balconette French Quarter Balconette Windsor Balconette
Style No. 156BSA Style No. 186BSA Style No. 280BSA
Matching Cresting No.156NC Matching Cresting No.186NC Matching Cresting No.280NC
315BSA 383BSA 384BSA
Chelsea Balconette Tudor Rose Balconette Gramercy Balconette
Style No. 315BSA Style No. 383BSA Style No. 384BSA
Matching Cresting No.315NC Matching Cresting No.383NC Matching Cresting No.384NC
425BSA 429BSA 441BSA
Trafalgar Balconette Cortez Balconette Wellington Balconette
Style No. 425BSA Style No. 429BSA Style No. 441BSA
Matching Cresting No.425NC Matching Cresting No.429NC Matching Cresting No.441NC
457BSA 462BSA 465BSA
Armada Balconette Continential Balconette Cloisters Balconette
Style No. 457BSA Style No. 462BSA Style No. 465BSA
Matching Cresting No.457NC Matching Cresting No.462NC Matching Cresting No.465NC
515BSA 518BSA 531BSA
Catalina Balconette Astor Place Balconette Savannah Balconette
Style No. 515BSA Style No. 518BSA Style No. 531BSA
Matching Cresting No.515NC Matching Cresting No.518NC Matching Cresting No.531NC
557BSA 561BSA 568BSA
Tuscany Balconette Carlisle Balconette Graerock Balconette
Style No. 557BSA Style No. 561BSA Style No. 568BSA
Matching Cresting No.557NC Matching Cresting No.562NC Matching Cresting No.568NC
569BSA 571BSA
Cosmopolitan Balconette Art Deco Balconette
Style No. 569BSA Style No. 571BSA
Matching Cresting No.569NC Matching Cresting No.571NC  

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