American Bollard - Ornamental Bollards Made In The USA

Garden city decorative bollard with flowers

Architectural Iron Company has developed the American Bollard line of ornamental bollards in iron and steel that are proudly produced here in the United States.

'What is a bollard?' you may ask. A bollard is a short vertical post that can be used to direct traffic, restrict motor vehicle access and protect buildings, pedestrians, marquees, garage entrance walls, lampposts, trees or anything else of value.

Similar to steel pipe bollards, most of our bollards have an integral Schedule 40 steel pipe. Added to this steel pipe are one or more cast iron decorative elements. Using ornamental iron castings over an integral steel pipe creates a durable, decorative bollard that serves a protective objective while maintaining a high aesthetic standard.

Different applications may require specific bollard heights. With our smooth shaft bollards we can easily offer custom heights without a drastic increase in cost. We can also offer custom height fluted bollards if required. Several bollard styles are offered in different diameters as well.

Hampton decorative bollard with flowers

Need eyelets for chain attachment? Not a problem. Just let us know what your needs are and we would be happy to include preinstalled eyebolts on your bollards.

Have existing steel pipe bollards that you would like to dress-up? Let us know the outside diameter of your existing pipe and we will see what bollard components we can offer you.

Take a look at our available bollard styles, choose an installation type and send us your contact details and we will be happy to prepare for you a detailed quote including freight and packing charges, terms of payment, lead time and other pertinent details.



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