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Firebox / Planter Boxes

Summer or winter, these beauties work hard!

Similar in construction to the balconette, our firewood / planter box combination units use the same 23 styles and materials as our other products. Basically a balconette with a 4th side and legs added, these units have the same durable and aesthetic qualities that make all of our products a striking focal point in any home.

In the warmer months you can proudly display your flowers in this unit any way you choose! You can insert pots, trays, wood boxes, just about anything you like into these units for flower displaying purposes. Then in the off season, move the unit inside and have a decorative yet sturdy storage box for your firewood, kindling, paper, whatever you need!

Each unit comes fully assembled and finished. Each unit also comes with 1 set of removable legs. You decide which size legs you would like to order with the unit: 3, 6, 9 or 12 inches. The legs are easily removed so you can alter the height of the unit to best suit your individual needs.

Once again, you have a lifetime guarantee against breakage, so you know that it’s going to last!

The boxes come standard in two different sizes; 12” x 24” and 12” x 36” (that is the size of the floor). The height of each unit would be the same as the corresponding balconette unit.