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Roof Crestings

Capital Crestings are manufactured by Architectural Iron Company, the country’s leading manufacturer of decorative roof crestings. Working in our shops in the Victorian village of Milford, Pennsylvania, our craftsmen produce a complete and growing line of lightweight, easy to install, unbreakable roof crestings. They are beautiful to behold as well as economical to ship.

All Capital Crestings are made in the United States of U.S made materials. Our standard designs, selected from previously mass produced crestings of the Victorian Era, are included on this web site for your consideration. Additionally, we can produce any design that you may be able to supply us. All crestings, whether custom or stock designs, can be produced in custom lengths, heights and colors.

Please write or call 1-800-442-4766 for our clear acetate style selector sheet. Using this style sheet you can view any Capital Cresting on your roof, before you purchase crestings.

All Capital Crestings are available in three thicknesses of ASTM A36 steel, which, after priming and painting, is virtually impervious to the elements. Our standard designs are made in easy to handle four foot lengths, thus eliminating the hassle of juggling numerous cast iron pieces on a steep roof. Additionally we include a lifetime guarantee against breakage, something that no other manufacturer of those fragile, “drop it once and it’s broken” cast iron crestings would ever consider. Appropriate assembly hardware is included with all Capital Cresting designs to simplify and speed the installation.

Representative sample sections are available at nominal cost – refundable on prompt orders.

At Architectural Iron Company we are committed to make your purchase of Capital Crestings a pleasurable experience.

Please spend a few minutes examining our crestings and finials, make your selections and feel free to call us at (800) 442-IRON / 4766 with any questions or comments.

You’ve come this far to make your home a showplace…
Capital Crestings are the final touch!