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Each finial is made by taking a representative section of a Capital Crestings™ design and fabricating it into a four-sided unit welded to a heavy gauge steel tube which is drilled twice in each direction to make the attachment to your roof a simple affair. The four-sided unit shows off beautifully, no matter what direction you view it from.

Finials can either be attached directly to the end of a cresting using the two nuts and bolts supplied (crestings need to be drilled for these by the customer, if a custom setup is not purchased), used at a corner or intersection, or you may purchase stand alone finial brackets for an additional charge. Our stand alone brackets adjust to virtually any roof condition. If you are installing a stand alone finial over a ridge vent, a bracket is available for that also.

All finials are 3/16″ thick plate steel mounted on heavy guage steel tubing. Priming and painting are available.